Find out more about our progress, what our goals are, and how we plan to achieve them.

Our Mission

Our team believes that education, as the foundation of every developed society, needs digitalisation and modernisation in order to be presented in an interesting and engaging manner to the students. That’s why we created an application that uses augmented reality to improve students’ visual perception. The concept of Pop!Ed reflects our understanding that in order for the educational process to be as effective as possible, a symbiosis must be built between the best of the virtual and real world. Using augmented reality, Pop!Ed connects your phone's camera with the textbook to expand the diameter of the students' eyes beyond the thin print and the diopter of the textbooks.

Our progress & Our goals

Currently,Pop!Ed is at MVP stage, which is being tested in several schools. If you want to be among the first people to try the AR experience in education, apply for our waitlist.
Our goals for the next two years are:

  • Working with at least 5 different publishing houses across Europe and the US

  • 100,000 students using the app

It really works!

Our product was presented in several schools in Bulgaria. A survey which we did on teachers, showed that 85% (29 out of 34) consider this useful and would like to use it in their lessons. Furthermore, Pop!Ed is being currently integrated into two schools in Bulgaria that will use the app to enrich their student books and give their students a more interactive and insightful learning experience.

№ of schools
2 schools are using Pop!Ed
Gathered Investments
$13 873.58
Start Date
May 2022
Project Stage
Finished MVP & First clients
Tech Used
Unity, Vuforia, C#
Next milestone
Publish @ App Store & Google Play