Recent Development of AR

It's been a while since the VR and AR hype boom cycle passed. Through those 8 years the technology moved slowly, but sustainably from being a “technology to watch” to “technology to use”(statiq specialno za hype cycle). As a matter of fact, AR is already everywhere around you(statiq za prilojeniqta na AR): it is used in Healthcare, Fashion, Automotive industry, social media filters and the whole AR industry is set to reach $50 Billion by 2024. And education makes no exception - companies from the US, Dubai and Bulgaria have been developing AR solutions for the educational sphere and some of them have already been implemented in the classrooms.

The widespread adoption of AR is largely driven by the fact that 83% of the world population has smartphones and uses them on a daily basis. Smartphones have become one of the most powerful tools for humanity due to their accessibility, size and capabilities, meaning that at any time one can open his phone and use an AR application to extend the physical reality. At the current point, phones are more of a distraction for the students in the classroom, rather than an educational tool. However, this can be changed and the only real solution to modernise the educational system and make the most out of smartphones is AR: it brings 3D models, animations or educational games at your fingertips and makes education more interesting, efficient and easy to understand. That’s why the future of education belongs to Augmented Reality.

Our team believes that education, as the foundation of every developed society, needs digitalisation and modernisation in order to be presented in an interesting and engaging manner to the students. That’s why we created an application that uses augmented reality to improve students’ visual perception. To learn more, see the section ….

Pop!Ed and Javery Team