Augmented Reality is a technology that provides the user with an extended version of the physical world, combining the surrounding real-world environment with various visual and audio elements. Since the AR hype boom from 2016-2017, the technology made great progress and more and more utilities are coming every day. In fact, for these 5 years, AR paved its path to being everywhere around us and here are 5 of its most used applications.


The virtual fitting room industry is set to reach $10B by 2027. It simulates shopping experience by allowing you to see how clothing or glasses will look on the customer. Another approach to employ augmented reality to support these kinds of experiences is through smart mirrors.Smart mirrors are already a common feature in the storefronts of several prominent retail companies, including Ralph Lauren and H&M.

Recently, Nike announced that they will collaborate with RTFKT to launch an AR hoody using QR code. The future of fashion seems to be inevitably connected with AR powering the layer2 of the physical world.


Companies from the US, Dubai and Bulgaria have been developing AR solutions for the educational sphere and some of them have already been implemented in the classrooms. AR brings 3D models, animations or educational games at your fingertips and makes education more interesting, efficient and easy to understand.


Assisting Doctors

Medical professionals can benefit from simulations of how specific procedures should be carried out, while medical students can benefit from a very intuitive portrayal of the human body provided by AR.

Innovative Information On Drug Sales

Instead of just reading the lengthy details on the bottle, patients can use augmented reality (AR) to observe how a drug works in 3D right in front of their eyes. With the use of augmented reality technology, lab personnel could observe their tests. Workers in pharmaceutical factories might begin working right away without any hands-on instruction because the equipment would instruct them on what to do and how to accomplish it.

Surgeons Assistance

AR can now help surgeons perform operations more quickly. AR healthcare apps can save lives and provide flawless patient care, whether they are performing a minimally invasive treatment or identifying a liver tumor. In order to give surgeons "X-ray vision," a software program immediately integrates digitally augmented images into the microscope of a surgical tool.

Social Media Filters

A recent report by “ParentsTogether” suggests that 87% of the teens use filters in social media. And the foundation of filters is AR, which helps overlay the filter on what the camera captures and bring the final mixture between the physical and digital world.

Pop!Ed and Javery Team