How Does Pop!Ed Work?

Pop!Ed is a software that integrates Augmented Reality features into the traditional way of perceiving information, making the educational process more accessible and interesting. The concept of Pop!Ed reflects our understanding that in order for the educational process to be as effective as possible, a symbiosis must be built between the best of the virtual and real world. Using augmented reality, Pop!Ed connects your phone's camera with the textbook to expand the diameter of the students' eyes beyond the thin print and the diopter of the textbooks.

When you scan text or two-dimensional visualisation from the textbook with the camera of your smartphone, a 3D visualisation, animation or interactive educational game that contains every necessary detail, pops up on your screen. Imagine that in a biology class you study the heart with all its valves, arteries and nodes. Open Pop!Ed and scan the text or image with your smartphone's camera. In a few seconds, a 3D model of the heart will appear on the screen of your smartphone, containing every necessary detail. Looking at the 3D model, it is much easier and faster for everyone, especially for students, to understand how the heart looks, where each part of it is located and what it is called, as well as what its function is.

Augmented Reality, as well as the detailed and diverse 3D models,animations and games, make it possible to integrate the software for any educational purpose, whether it is the heart, the circulatory system, electromagnetic field, a historical fortress, a geometric figure, a chemical compound or a magnetised neutron star.

Pop!Ed and Javery Team